The watch repair line

2016-01-13 18:27:04

"Three Turns and One Ring" is a household item that every family in China hopes to have in the 1950s and 1960s. In those days, whether they could own sewing machines, bicycles, watches and radios was an important indicator of a family's living standard. one. As a result, the repair of home appliances, watches, and bicycles has become the hottest work of that era.

  Several decades have passed, and the things represented by the "Four Big Pieces" have changed over many generations, and industries like repairing watches are also facing huge changes.

  Still insisting on "Li Jixiu watch shop"

   There is such a shop on Beijing’s Xi’anmen Street. There are two rooms inside and outside, and the front room is a grocery store. The back room is another world. In a room of less than ten square meters, a variety of wall clocks hung on the wall, leaning against the wall, there were two kinds of alarm clocks and table clocks full of two glass cabinets. The door was an old look The workbench, the lamp is on, illuminating all kinds of watch accessories on the workbench. An old man sat upright in a chair, leaning his upper body slightly, looking at the starling raised in a cage beside him.

   Elder surnamed Li, is a watch repairer, 90 years old, he has been engaged in watch repair industry for most of his life. According to the old man's wife, Li Jixiu's watch store officially opened for business in 1972, and it has been 42 years now. Over the past few decades, master Li has repaired clocks and watches from clockwork to electronics, and from clocks to watches. Formally exquisite craftsmanship and firm conviction, this watch repair shop became the only individual watch repair shop from the 1970s. Although master Li has been in his senior years, his eyesight is still very good. Although his eyes are old, his eyes are still full of spirit.

  master Li's wife said that when clockwork was popular, master Li could easily cope with the problems of watches, but with the changes in the style and function of the watch, master Li's skills seemed to be unable to keep up with the trend of the times. The hands of the watch have changed from the original three hands with only hours, minutes and seconds to the hands with various functions such as day calendar and even temperature and height. This change makes even master Li, who possesses superb watch repair skills, feel quite headache.

With the increase of age and the decrease in the number of people who come here to repair watches, the small watch repair shop has also encountered a crisis. After repeated consideration, the Li family decided to split the original watch repair shop into two, the first half of the store is used As a grocery store, master Li is still responsible for repairing watches, but it is only a simple job of replacing batteries. "In this way, it can be considered to reduce some of the burden of life." master Li's wife told reporters.

  The hot business of "Nechatel"

   The replacement of watches brings not only changes in watch styles and functions, but more changes from consumer experience. Consumers who like to buy Swiss watches must know the Neuchatel watch repair center located in Jianguomen. This is the only repair center for many Swiss brand watches in Beijing. As long as it is a regular channel such as Tissot, Longines, Mido, Swatch, etc. All Swiss brand watches purchased can be checked and repaired here.

   Due to the large number of watch brands that choose Neuchatel as an after-sales service provider, customers who come here to repair and maintain watches can often fill a small lounge. Because here is closed on Sundays, so on Saturdays, the people who are waiting for the repair of watches are often the most, even ranked three or four hundred. Even if this is the case, the staff of the maintenance center will still carry out their work in an orderly manner, testing, evaluating, and maintaining. The four windows are open at the same time, and they still cannot meet the needs of customers.

Here, the customer who is called will first hand his watch to the staff for testing. After the watch that needs to be tested is tested by professional instruments, the details of the shape, movement, case, dial, etc. will be detailed. recording. After the preliminary test results are obtained, the staff will communicate with the customer to decide whether to perform maintenance or repair. Subsequently, the staff will send the watch to a professional maintenance staff for maintenance or repair. The time spent for maintenance is generally between one week and three months. After the maintenance is completed, the customer can choose to pick up the watch at the door or the logistics company will send the watch to the customer.

   Most of the customers who repair watches here are in pursuit of the quality of Swiss watches. Therefore, when repairing and maintaining their own watches, they will first choose the official repair centers of these Swiss brands. Part of the reason for these customers is to come here to repair part of the watch-style after-sales service, and a considerable part of the reason is also because companies like Neuchatel also symbolize quality assurance.