How to demagnetize a watch

2016-01-13 18:24:24

Although the anti-magnetic watch has a certain anti-magnetic effect, when it is worn, such as touching a generator and motor with a strong magnetic field, or accidentally placing the watch near a radio and TV, the watch will be affected by the generator, motor, The magnetic fields of radios and televisions are magnetized. When the watch is magnetized, not only is the travel time inaccurate, but some even stop. So, how to demagnetize the watch? It is best to send the watch repair department to demagnetize, because there are special degaussing equipment. If it is not convenient to maintain it from the watch shop, you can find a circle in the middle of the iron block that is not magnetized and stand on the table. Slowly wear the iron block around, the magnet on the watch will be absorbed by the iron block; you can also put the watch on a clean iron plate that is not magnetized, so that the magnetism of the watch will gradually increase in two days disappear.